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Freemasonry (often simplified to “Masonry”) enhances and strengthens the character of the individual man by providing opportunities for fellowship, charity, education, and leadership based on the three ancient Masonic tenets: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. A Freemason is a member of one of the world’s oldest secular fraternal societies, dedicated to a moral and ethical approach to life. Massachusetts Freemasonry is a crowning legacy of this venerable heritage as we strive to “make good men better.” Mount Holyoke Lodge is a nearly 150 year old Masonic lodge located in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Meetings are held First Thursday monthly.

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Master’s Trestleboard April 2017

Brethren, our Fraternity contains great values, tenets and guidelines that provide to us the lessons with which we may work to improve our lives as men under God. On April 6th at Mount Holyoke Lodge in South Hadley, one Brother, whom exemplifies all the virtues consistent with true Masonry, was justly honored as he received a Medal commemorating his 50th Year as a Mason. R.W. Ronald Errol Jackson, a Past Master of Mount Holyoke Lodge (1975), Past District Deputy Grand Master (1983-84), Past Deputy Grand Master (1985), and current Lodge Secretary, going on his 32nd term, has been a steadfast light to the Fraternity.

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