Become A Mason

Every man joins Freemasonry for slightly different reasons.

Why is Freemasonry Relevant?

The rewards for joining can likewise be different for each individual, yet the common desire for each Mason lies on the same road, becoming a better man. The joining of a Lodge and thus our ancient fraternity, provides the individual opportunities in the realms of education, charity (inside the fraternity and abroad in the world), leadership development and of course, fellowship.

Membership as a Massachusetts Freemason means several things. It means joining an organization that has ancient traditions of brotherhood spanning centuries. It means becoming a better person while still aiding in the quality of life of other people. It means establishing long last friendships with men who you would have otherwise been unlikely to meet; friendships which conquer the divides of race, culture, politics and religion. It means holding similar values with the founding father’s of our country. It means undergoing a experience which George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and so many more influential men in history have gone through. Most of all, being a Mason means understanding that the greatest gifts come from selfless acts, without asking anything in return.

Meetings are held at the Mount Holyoke Lodge the first Thursday of each month, where Lodge business and upcoming activities are discussed. The Lodge building is often used to hold fundraising and public relation events that are open to non-members and invited guests.

To become a member, a candidate must satisfactorily meet all the specific criteria. He must be: At least 18 (the minimum age required); be of good morals and good reputation; believe in a Supreme Being; he must apply of his own free will, and be unanimously elected by the Lodge members.

Applications will usually be considered by a membership committee, who will hold an interview with the candidate, and formally report back to the Lodge, before the admission process is allowed to begin.