Master’s Trestleboard April 2017


Brethren, our Fraternity contains great values, tenets and guidelines that provide to us the lessons with which we may work to improve our lives as men under God. On April 6th at Mount Holyoke Lodge in South Hadley, one Brother, whom exemplifies all the virtues consistent with true Masonry, was justly honored as he received a Medal commemorating his 50th Year as a Mason. R.W. Ronald Errol Jackson, a Past Master of Mount Holyoke Lodge (1975), Past District Deputy Grand Master (1983-84), Past Deputy Grand Master (1985), and current Lodge Secretary, going on his 32nd term, has been a steadfast light to the Fraternity.

On this particular Thursday, the Lodge room saw it’s capacity filled, as over 60 Masons, friends and family were on hand to witness R.W. Jackson receive his 50 year Veteran Medal. Among the attendees were three Past Grand Masters, M.W. Albert T. Ames, M.W. Richard J. Stewart, and M.W. Harvey J. Waugh. In addition to the three former wearers of the Tricorn Hat, were several Past Deputy Grand Masters in support of their Senior Office holder and a Past Junior Grand Warden and Permanent Member of Grand Lodge, R.W. Donald B. Scott. The outpouring of support for an individual who never seeks personal accolades brought a sense of Fraternal warmth to the Lodge room.

Joining him in the East for the presentation of the medal was his wife of 57 years, Mrs. Gail Jackson, along with their children and grandchildren. Certain nights in Masonry have an aura of uniqueness to them, whereby one may feel their heart glow upon witnessing something special, this was one of those occasions. Surrounded by his family, R.W. Jackson was presented his 50 Year Membership Medal by R.W. Tyler W. Seavey, also a Past Master of Mount Holyoke Lodge and the current District Deputy Grand Master for the 27th Masonic District. Mrs. Gail Jackson, then attached the accompanying 50 Year Membership Lapel Pin on her husband’s jacket. As a Lodge, we owe the Jackson Family a debt of gratitude for sharing Ron with us and being understanding of his importance to our entire Fraternity.

Following the presentation, many attendees, including all three Past Grand Masters, individually addressed R.W. Jackson and thanked him for the undying commitment and loyalty he displays on a daily basis. Those sentiments were also echoed by R.W. Donald B. Scott, whom rightly stated that R.W. Jackson is the perfect example of a true Mason. R.W. Scott also gave a heartfelt embrace to R.W. Jackson and expressed how much he values Ron’s friendship. We were all witness to Freemasonry at it’s finest in that moment.

There were many men of high character in attendance that evening and each one of them have their own story in which R.W. Jackson positively impacted their lives. This again demonstrates the quality of the man who was honored that Thursday night. Throughout his 50 Years as a Mason, R.W. Ronald E. Jackson has remained that principle pillar of the Fraternity. A pillar of Wisdom, Strength and Beauty. His Wisdom offers us the council needed to achieve success in the face of any adverse situation. His resolute leadership coupled with an unmatched professionalism, Strengthens any organization for whom he works. His dedication to God, Country, Family and Fraternity provides the example which inspires our hearts and Beautifies our minds.

On behalf of all your Lodge Brothers and the entire Fraternity, congratulations R.W. Jackson and thank you.


Wor. William C. Jubinville, Master
Mount Holyoke Lodge