Master’s Trestleboard February 2019


Greetings from the East of Mount Holyoke Lodge. Well brethren, we are well into the winter season of cold weather and snow. February is now with us. As we approach the half way mark to the beginning of spring, we begin to notice the daylight hours are getting longer and hopefully the worst of the cold is now behind us. Hope is the key word, as no one can know just what winter has it store for us. No one can know what life has in store for us either.

We hope for a mild winter just like we hope for good things in life for ourselves; our family and our brothers. Often times, we are faced with difficulties, sickness, troubles. Sometimes of our own doing; other times we are handed situations not of our own choice. How we respond to them is what determines our character.

Freemasonry is unique in that it teaches a man to care for his own self and family; yet never forgetting his Brother. When we are raised, we learn that valuable lesson of how one Mason can let others know when he needs help. This applies to any situation where a brother becomes over- whelmed with life, or an illness or just a difficult time.

Brethren, I learned recently how this is truly a benefit of membership in Mount Holyoke Lodge. While I was faced with an overwhelming situation, the brothers of our lodge really helped me. They came to my aid as said they would do, and I am truly thankful to them and again I would like to say what a great reflection of Freemasonry they are.

Brethren, this is one theme I would like to emphasize. We help each other. Don’t be afraid to reach out to assist a brother in need, and don’t be afraid to let someone know if you need help.

We, as Mount Holyoke Lodge, have such an opportunity, as Chicopee Lodge and Vernon Lodge have voted to merge their lodges with Mount Holyoke Lodge. The paperwork has been completed and it is our hope that at the March Quarterly Communication of the Grand Lodge, the merger will be approved. A new and exciting chapter in our district is about to begin and you will play a major role in wel-coming the brethren of these two lodges. I am counting on you to take an active part in spreading the friendship and brotherly-love that Mount Holyoke Lodge has been noted for. Come to lodge, welcome our new brothers and let them know how pleased you are to have them join us.

On February 28th, we will be welcoming a new brother into our Noble Craft; a member of the U.S. Army. Please make a special effort to be on the side-lines that evening. Remember, at our March Regular Communication it is our Annual Corned Beef and Cabbage Night. You won’t want to miss it.

My brothers, I hope to see you in your Lodge room.

Wor. Karl F. Ferguson, Master
Mount Holyoke Lodge